Information for Parents

Information for Parents 2019-20

We are really pleased that your child is joining our organisation – thank you. We have set out as much information as we can in the following pages. If you have any further queries though, please see our website at or contact our Administrator at

How to register

New members: please register your child/children on our 'Parent Live' online registration system via the link on our website – - and follow the links. If you experience any problems with the online system or do not have internet access, please contact the Administrator. Please note there is a time limit for registration of 3 weeks from first attendance.

Existing members: your child's membership will be rolled forward, taking account of any agreed progression to different ensembles. You will be given a player data sheet to check and change where necessary, to ensure our records are up-to-date.

All players must be subscribed members of PDMC. Players who have not registered and/or paid their subscription are not members of the charity and are not covered by our insurance.  If you do not complete the registration process, your child will have to be asked to stop attending.

Subscriptions for 2017/18

Senior and Intermediate Groups (PDSO, PDWB, ISO, IWB, PDBB) - Joining in the First Term £110, Second Term £74 and Third Term £37. 

Training Groups and Choir (TWB, TSO, PDYC) - Joining in the First Term £85, Second Term £57 and Third Term £29.

Beginner/ Preparatory Groups (BUBS, HVBS, BKBW, BUBW, HVBW) - Joining in the First Term £60, Second Term £40 and Third Term £20.

 We offer reduced fees and fixed discounts as follows:

  • If your child is new to PDMC this year and is joining a Beginner Wind or Strings Group, they will receive a £20 discount on their membership subscription.
  • If your child is eligible for Free School Meals (note: this does not include Universal Infant Free School Meals) subscriptions are nil. 
  • If your family already has 2 children as current members of PDMC, your third and subsequent children will receive a fixed discount of £30 per year.
  • If your child joins more than one ensemble, they will receive a fixed discount of £30 per year for membership of the second group.
  • In cases of financial hardship, it may be possible to reduce or waive the fees. Please tick the box requesting further information about remissions during the registration process if this is the case, and you will be sent an application form. There is a limited bursary fund and cases are considered individually each year; applications cannot be considered retrospectively, so please ensure you request an application form as part of your registration process. 

How to pay

Subscriptions keep the charity afloat so we would be grateful if you would pay promptly please.  You can pay electronically (account details will be shown on your invoice) using your child's name as the reference.  Alternatively you may bring a cheque made payable to Peak District Music Centres to the first rehearsal in a sealed envelope marked with your child’s name and ensemble

Subscriptions are due within 3 weeks of your child attending rehearsals. A late payment fee of £10 will be charged for subscriptions owed for more than 60 days.


In order to minimise our administrative costs and keep membership fees low, the Administrator will send invoices and letters by e-mail only.  It is therefore important that we have an appropriate e-mail address for you and that you inform the Administrator as soon as possible of any changes.  If e-mail communication is a problem for you please contact the Administrator to discuss an alternative method.

Gift Aid

Thank you to everyone who Gift Aids their donation each year. It enables us to claim back the tax which helps our cash flow, and means we can keep the subscription rates low. Please complete the Gift Aid form and return with your payment. If you have any queries, please contact our Treasurer at

Information on Attendance, Supervision, Conduct, Arrival and Collection, Placing and Moving Up and Concerts can be found in our Terms and Conditions.


Young players who participate in a musical ensemble from an early stage in their learning make much better progress and are more likely to continue with music than those who only take an instrumental lesson each week. However, PDMC does not provide instrumental tuition, and attendance at Music Centre ensembles is no substitute for instrumental lessons. We expect our players to take lessons in their chosen instrument.

Parental involvement

We are always keen to hear from parents who would like to help in any capacity. Please contact the Coordinator if you are interested in finding out about becoming a Trustee, a Parent Helper, a Concert Helper or a Fundraiser – or if you have any ideas for fundraising events. Additional donations from parents, relatives or outside parties are always welcome.

Complaints and queries

We hope that you will be pleased with the opportunities offered to your child by PDMC. However, if you have a complaint or query, please contact your child’s Ensemble Director or Parent Helper at a rehearsal in the first instance. If they are unable to resolve the issue, or your concern is more serious, please contact the Administrator who will deal with your query or refer it to the Chair of Trustees or the NW Derbyshire Leader for Music Development as appropriate.

Thank you for taking the time to read these notes.

Terms and conditions of membership 2019/20


All players must be fully registered (player, contact and medical details supplied) and have paid in full (or have a payment plan arranged or have applied for a remission of fees) in order to be a member of PDMC.

Players who have not registered and/or paid their subscription are not members of the charity and are not covered by our insurance.  If the parent/ guardian does not complete the registration process, their child will have to be asked to stop attending.

Data protection

PDMC will only use contact details for PDMC business.  Data collected will be kept securely by PDMC and will be shared with the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership for monitoring and statistical purposes only.

It is the parent’s/ guardian’s responsibility to keep PDMC informed of up to date contact and medical information.


Subscription fees are for the membership of PDMC for the year. PDMC does not operate a ‘pay as you go’ system, and does not offer refunds if players leave part way through a year.  If parents/carers have arranged a payment plan, all instalments must be paid even if the player leaves before the end of the year.

A late payment fee of £10 will be charged on subscription payments overdue by 60 days.

Fixed discounts are available for the third child of a family, and for membership of two or more groups. Reduced fees/ discretionary rates are available for those in financial hardship or receiving Free School Meals (but not Universal Free School Meals). An application must be made, when registering, to the Administrator for consideration by the Trustees.

Arrival and collection

Young players (under 12) should be escorted into the rehearsal venue whenever possible, and collected from inside the building. Older players (12 and over) will be allowed to leave the direct supervision of PDMC at the end of rehearsals/ concerts unless the parent/ carer specifies otherwise.   If parents decide to allow players to travel to the rehearsal venue alone or leave the player at the venue before the Ensemble Director has arrived we would recommend that the player keeps a note of an emergency contact number in their music case for use in the unlikely event that there has been a last minute cancellation or other emergency.

Ensemble Directors are not responsible for children after the rehearsals have finished; parents /guardians should ensure that players do not remain for more than 15 minutes after the end of the rehearsal.

Parents/ guardians and players should be aware of the increased traffic around the rehearsal venue at drop-off and pick-up times.                                                                                       


Ensemble Directors take a register at the start of each rehearsal and players should remain on the premises for the duration of the session.

PDMC accepts responsibility for the supervision of players during rehearsals, scheduled rehearsal breaks, and during concerts. PDMC cannot accept responsibility for supervision outside of these times.

If a parent/ guardian is unhappy with PDMC’s supervision arrangements, it is their responsibility to inform the Coordinator so that other arrangements can be made.


PDMC requires that players attend rehearsals regularly and punctually so that the ensemble can make as much progress as possible. If a player is unable to attend it is the parent’s/ guardian’s responsibility to inform the Ensemble Director beforehand whenever possible. It is also the parent’s/ guardian’s responsibility to check afterwards whether any letters were missed.

Any player borrowing music for practice must ensure that it is returned, by whatever means, for the next rehearsal so that it is available to the whole ensemble.

Placing and Moving Up

Placements within an ensemble and promotion to a higher group will take a number of factors into account, including ability (not the same as grade level), readiness to move, age and commitment. The decision lies with the Ensemble Directors, in some cases following an audition. EDs will have the freedom to make exceptions where musical considerations (including the needs of the receiving ensemble) require it.

If a parent/ guardian feels that their child is ready to move up to the next ensemble they should discuss this with the Ensemble Director first; if concerns remain, they should be directed to the Coordinator.  The final decision on placing any player rests with the Trustees of PDMC, who will be advised by the Ensemble Directors.


All players should behave in a responsible and considerate manner and be mindful of the needs of the whole ensemble and other players.  All furniture and equipment must be treated with care and returned to its proper place after use; litter should be placed in bins. Players should also assist in setting out and putting away stands, chairs, music etc. and general tidying up.                                                                                            


If PDMC has to cancel a rehearsal for any reason, the website ( will be updated as soon as a decision has been made. We will also endeavour to notify parents via text or email.

It is most important, particularly during winter months, that PDMC establishes an efficient means of contact. It is therefore the parent’s/ guardian’s responsibility to ensure that PDMC holds up-to-date contact information, including an emergency mobile phone number and email address where possible.


PDMC aims to give players the opportunity to play in concerts in a variety of high quality venues. PDMC will endeavour to give parents as much notice as possible about forthcoming concerts. These concerts may be at different times and venues from the regular rehearsal; possibly during weekends. Please be aware that transport may need to be arranged privately for players to attend these concerts.

Attendance at concerts is an important part of membership of PDMC. Parents/ guardians should alert the Ensemble Director as soon as possible if their child is not able to attend. 



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