In this section, you will find pages above on how to register your child with a group; how to volunteer as a parent helper; letters and forms. Reports and minutes of the annual AGM can be found on the Trustees page.

PDMC relies heavily on the support of parents in general, and in particular on the help of parent volunteers. Without this much needed help and support, PDMC would not be able to function as efficiently and safely as it does, and would not be able to provide such varied, fun and excellent musical experiences for young people.

How Can I Help PDMC?

  • Continue to provide individual instrumental tuition for your child - this will ensure that your child progresses along with their peers.
  • Encourage your child to practice their instrument frequently, regularly, and with focus - playing with an ensemble is not a substitute for personal practice. 
  • Make sure your child attends as many rehearsals as possible.
  • Support your child, and their ensemble, by attending PDMC concerts. 
  • Get involved - become a regular parent helper at rehearsals, or help out at concerts. 
  • Offer to fund raise for PDMC, or for a particular event or tour. 


Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 15 November 2017 at 7pm, at the Dome.  All members (including players and parents/carers) are invited to attend and also to make nominations or propose resolutions.  A more detailed Notice of the AMG, including information on making nomincations etc is attached below.  The final Agenda for this meeting is also attached below.

 To find out about how to volunteer as a parent helper, please visit the parent helper page


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